Monday, May 4, 2009

Powerful Learning Practice Reflections

On May 1, the St. Christopher's team traveled up to Fredericksburg Academy to participate in the concluding face 2 face session for the PLP's international cohort. It was a meeting full of energy, creativity, a sense of purpose, and belonging.

Personal reflections:

A wise man once told me that when working in groups it's all about the people. If you have the wrong people, the best intentions will fall by the wayside. I have a great team and I'm eternally grateful for all of their hard work and willingness to take risks, share, and offer constructive criticism. I am looking forward to working with them as we start to develop our wiki full of tech tips.

Presentation tennis is a wonderful way to learn how others perceive a certain concept, theme, or idea.

Teachers learn and adopt strategies at different rates. Our team certainly illustrated this and we are all moving forward and sharing.

It's not about the technology it's about the learning.

Leverage technology to cater to various learning styles and provide differentiated instruction.

It's ok to lurk but don't make a habit of doing so or there will be missed opportunities.

Develop a strong PLN. It will be one of your greatest resources.

Lead and model by example.

Take advantage of teachable moments in the classroom and in meetings.

Some of your best meetings can occur virtually while you're at home in your pjs.

Special Thanks:

Thank you to Susan Carter Morgan, Will Richardson, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and the members of the international cohort for providing our team and school with such a wonderful opportunity to participate in this journey.