Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction-Kindle for PC

Now I've always wanted a Kindle but I couldn't justify the expense for another gadget that has limited capabilities. So after discussing netbooks, eBooks, and online texts at our last tech dept meeting, I decided to load the Kindle for PC software on my netbook.

Earlier this fall, I purchased the Acer Aspire One netbook and so far, this form factor has exceeded all of my expectations. The portability, weight, battery life, and performance of the netbook is why I consider it my main computer while I am on the go. With the addition of Kindle for PC software, I have now added a dimension to my computing environment that has been lacking; the ability to read books, magazines,and newspapers on my computer.

My first selection was Clay Shirky's book "Here Comes Everybody", and so far the experience has been quite good.  I have the ability to bookmark pages but I am unable to search, highlight or take notes.  However, it appears that the hide notes and marks features will be coming soon as they are listed in the drop down.

There also seems to be a bug on computers that synchronize My documents to a network folder. The bug has caused me to deregister and register the netbook to gain access to my purchase. An annoyance but the real bummer was when I lost my bookmarks.

When Amazon, implements those features and expands their offerings to include textbooks, schools will definitely be able to take advantage of lower cost texts and computers for their students.

Now what will make my world complete is when Amazon makes the Kindle software for the Blackberry so I can have access to my eBooks anywhere and anytime. And one other thing, let's be sure to synchronize my notes and bookmarks between the 2 devices.

But for now, the Kindle for PC is a step in the right direction.