Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Myths About BYOD Debunked

Earlier this month, Lisa Nielsen tweeted for assistance on an article she was writing about myths associated with BYOD.  Having just deployed a BYOD program(laptop form factor) in our upper school, I could not resist the opportunity to share my thoughts on this topic.  The result was an article posted in THE Journal.

The Myths:
  1. BYOD deepens the digital divide
  2. BYOD will result in lessons geared toward the weakest device
  3. BYOD will cause students to be distracted
  4. Teachers need to become expert in all the technology students own
  5. BYOD will result in students engaging in dangerous activities
  6. Cell phones are not that powerful, so we should not waste our time with them
  7. BYOD will necessitate the standardization of apps and software across all devices
To view and read the reasons behind each myth, please go directly to THE Journal Article here.

A special thanks to Lisa Nielson for giving me the opportunity to contribute to her article. To read more of her posts, please check out her blog The Innovative Educator and follow her on twitter @InnovativeEdu

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