Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Leading from Behind

Over the past several weeks, I have participated in a number of online meetings, school committee meetings, elluminate sessions, skype calls, ning threads, and tweets. The amount I have learned from my Personal Learning Network during this time has been incredible. The amount and willingness to share is unmatched by any other forum where I have been a participant.

So here is my struggle.

How do we incorporate this new idea in schools without coming across as having consumed too much kool-aid?

As of late, I have opted to do this utilizing the strategy-leading from behind. Although this is not a strategy I prefer, I have found that when working in a traditional school culture, change is slow in coming. However, if one arms teachers and administrators with tools that can enhance their personal and professional endeavors there is often a willingness to explore.

With that, my latest effort has been to use a Ning as a means to provide ongoing dialog for the curriculum committee. In so doing, the Ning will provide a venue for ongoing dialog and sharing to occur and it will provide many teachers and administrators with an opportunity to model and participate in a web 2.0 application that is in nonthreatening environment.

If this format is successful, I hope other committees and or classes will start to utilize this effective tool.

Wish us luck!

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SCMorgan said...

I think you have the right idea, Hiram. As you have seen, once they use the tool, they will see the benefits. I look forward to seeing how it goes for you. Change is slow, isn't it? We were having the same discussion here today.