Monday, February 23, 2009

Join us to work together 2 make a difference for fire ravaged Victoria: Title taken from Jenny Luca's Blog

After reading Jenny Luca's post about the bush fires in Victoria, I felt the need to pull together our boys and I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for our boys to hear first hand from our Aussie friends and see if there was anything we could do as a school.  My call to action started by discussing the possibilities of holding a video Skype session with the missionary society officers from our lower, middle, and upper schools at St. Christopher's School and with the students of Toorak College.

But in the true spirit of PLP , why should our effort be limited by just using skype for our 2 schools! Join us this Tuesday, February 24 @ 4pm Eastern Standard Time and 8.00am Pacific Eastern Standard time. Watch via as the students from both of our schools discuss the needs of the area and speak with a member of the Toorak community who lost a home.

Search for stchris_tv once in ustream.

Please read more here on Jenny Luca's blog: or visit Jenny's Ning @

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Jenny Luca and Hiram Cuevas

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